A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


I Suddenly Became A Magical Girl To Fight Aliens From Another Dimension, or I Suddenly Became A Magical Girl is a visual novel made for Yuri Jam 2016.

Follow Kagami, a high school student who gets her wish to become a magical girl granted! A life full of sparkly attacks and swishing silk ribbons awaits her...

...as well preventing an entire civilization of bug-like aliens from destroying Earth.

But hey, that's just part of the job!


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  • Magical Girls!
  • Unenthusiastic Mascots!
  • Aliens!
  • And, romance...?

Content Warning

  • Some shaky screens
  • Implied death
  • City destruction
  • Loud noises

Additional Information

Given that this is the DEMO version of the game, only one route is currently pursuable. More routes will be available in the future!


GUI, Writing, Coding, Artwork - madocallie

Music - Ramine, J-Rokudo

Backgrounds - Mugenjohncel, NEO-HIMEISM

Editing - cosmiccu

Install instructions

To install I Suddenly Became A Magical Girl's DEMO, simply click the file that's compatible with your computer's OS, then download the zip file.

Afterwards, double-click the file and the game's folder should be opened.


ISuddenlyBecameAMagicalGirl-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 39 MB
ISuddenlyBecameAMagicalGirl-1.0-mac.zip 34 MB
ISuddenlyBecameAMagicalGirl-1.0-win.zip 35 MB


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noo yoshiko ;-;

omg she's back ;;-;;

Honestly, this is an amazing storytelling, paired with everyday english language.  Still waiting for the full version


ive never cried so hard I love it

thank you!


I also loved game and want to buy it!


Okay wow, this was amazing! Though the main character did absolutely nothing to fight off the alien in the end, at least now they're together. The art style is super cute too.


I hope this game wasn't abandoned. (I hate tinypic)


Is there ever gonna be the real game not the demo??

Is this gacha life backgrounds?


One of my viewers asked me to play your game and so far I'm pleasently surprised by it!

Can't wait for the final!

Deleted post

thank you!!! ^u^


One of those screenshots looks like the classroom from DDLC. Can't wait to play this. Love the art style already!

This is just the demo and i almost cried like AAAAAAAAAAA

Imagine what i'll do in the full game...


I love the options you get after the first playthrough, especially all the ones reminding you that it's a demo because those are really funny.

AAAA im so glad!!!!! Yoshiko really is a cutie...

And I'm glad you like those extra touches too!

omg this is amazing!! i hope more of it comes out, thank god its so good :'0!!!

thank you!!! this was very much a one-shot work so there probably wont be anything else about daisy and her friends outside of the artbook...


dont worry, im already pretty good enough with this demo, its so cool!

This is adorable!! I love Kagami's smile so much. Can't wait for more routes!

Aw, thank you!! Kagami has a very cute smile...

I can't promise that I'll get back to this project, but I do have other projects in mind!

I expected this to be a short, sweet treat and ended up getting exactly that, but craving more! The art style is adorably eccentric and the writing is nothing short of charming. I'm programming a Magical Girl visual novel right now and this helped invigorate me to actually write some more. You have a fan eagerly hoping for a full release!!

Aw, thank you!!! ;7;

Really glad you like the game~ I can't promise for a full release of this game, but I definitely have other projects in store!

I LOVED Nya-Nya XD Best mascot ever...and the story was lighthearted at times, and serious at others. This was fun ^^ I can't wait for the full version now!

I also made a let's play. Hope it helps!

aw, thank you! ;v; glad you enjoyed the game!

due to personal reasons, I don't know if ill finish the game, but I'll probably be working on other projects shortly~

This...this...is awesome. I'm unsure why. It's got such a unique art style, and that "This is the story, but believe me, even we don't think it's very believable but it's what's happening right now so shut up" vibe that I absolutely love.

I haven't completed it yet (And I know this is a demo, so I haven't even completed the demo), but I can't wait to see what else happens! I'm an Otaku, so this game resonates within me like justice within a Magical Warrior of Peace Love and Happiness.

Also, I love Visual Novels, so points. Thanks so much for making this!

Aw, thank you!!! I'm really glad to hear that you like my art and writing! <3

Those were the exact sorts of vibes I was going for with this game~

And thanks for the LP too!!


I really enjoyed this game!! :D Not that often that I play Visual Novels on the channel but this one was really good and cute! Kinda reminded me of Sailor Moon :3 Full Playthrough right here! (Is there different endings?)

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Wow, thank you so much!!!! I'm so honored you did an LP of my game ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

There were meant to be different endings in the final game, but due to time constraints I could only get one route done. If I ever pick up this project again, I'll probably add those endings, amongst other things