A downloadable short visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

When We First Met is a short visual novel made for the I Can't Write game jam. It is also a sequel to my comic Cross My Heart.

Theo's mother and father are important nobles in the Soleilment Empire - and they've just been summoned to a crucial meeting at the Imperial palace. Unfortunately, Theo's coming with them - and she's not as eager to visit as her parents are. 

But word has it that someone new and important has just arrived at the palace. Curious, Theo goes out to find them...

  • Around 2000 words of dialogue.
  • An interactive exploration system - talk to the palace's inhabitants, and listen in on conversations.
  • Several beautiful CGs, backgrounds and character sprites.
  • A short story with a heart-warming ending.
  • All the perks of a visual novel lovingly built in 2 weeks. 

Art, Scenario, Code - Mado

Music - Maou Damashii

SFX - TAM Music Factory, Kenney

Updated 25 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
TagsCute, Fantasy, LGBT, renpy, Short, Story Rich

Install instructions

Download the zip file, and double click on it to open the game's folder. Then, find the game within the folder, and run it.


When We First Met (Windows) 64 MB
When We First Met (Mac) 49 MB
When We First Met (Linux) 54 MB

Development log


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I love this !

Thank you!


Very enjoyable and sweet. Before I played the game I read the comic and automatically fell in love with the characters. When the game started it made me love this universe more. Though this was short, I believe this will be one of those  games that ill remember. With the cute character designs and the cute story. 

Thank you for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed both the comic and the game. ^u^



Very glad you enjoyed the game! And thanks for the video. ^u^


You're welcome! Thanks for developing the game!


Game's visuals sure do look gorgerous. It doesn't just look really pretty, but it also looks very integral and all elements complement eachother nicely. I also dig this onecolor but not realy one color kinda grainy aesthetic. On top of all, I don't think I have ever seen Ren'Py used like that and that does feel fresh. Story wise, Theo sure is likable, and the dialogues feel lifelike and reasonable with some playful twists on cliches. The story sparked interest in me and made me try to imagine more of their relationship. It is overall a very well made game even if short (obviously as it was a short story and a quickly made project).. But if you did someday made something bigger with the same quality, I think It would've been a big success and I would really like to see that. (I don't want to push you though, I know making longer things takes a lot of hard work especially if you have to draw the entire thing).


Very glad you enjoyed the project. :> I definitely have plans on expanding on this story further...